Weight Loss

weight loss sound

Think yourself thinner by changing your mind set and allow old counter productive beliefs melt away. Get the body you desire effortlessly. click here

Sleep Better

better sleep sounds

If you're having a tough time falling asleep or you just want to experience the best sleep possible. These audios are for you. Sleep Better MindFrolic helps you experience quality sleep and feel well rested upon wake up.Coming Soon

Stress Relief

stress relief music

Too much stress is link to major health problems as well as depression. Relieve Stress by taking your mind to the most peaceful place. Coming Soon


motivational music

Experience a motivational mind state that allows you be in an optimal state to accomplish your goals. Coming Soon


healing sounds

The healing series helps the mind send signals to all organs to help them stay healthy. Using Delta frequencies to put you in a state where you body does the most healing. Coming Soon


Manifest your Destiny

Manifestation is the art of making things come to be in the material world using the power of your mind. These audios create the ideal state of the mind to help make manifestation more easy.Coming Soon


stimulate creativity

Allow your mind to stimulate your creativity. Have ideas come to you effortlessly as well as knowing exactly how to carry them out.Coming Soon

Stimulate DNA

dna stimulation

DNA is responsible for many functions of the body. Studies have shown that damage to DNA is linked to cancer. This program helps to stimulate and repair DNA. Coming Soon

Business Success

business succes sounds

Start to think like a millionaire by programming your mind to be the most productive and the most receptive to abundance and business success. Coming Soon