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Anxiety and Weight Loss

Anxiety, stress and depression are sometimes referred to as a natural outcome of urban living. With today’s hectic deadlines and erratic schedules, our mind is the first thing that gets affected. Hence we find ourselves feeling jittery and nervous at almost everything; we seem to worry ourselves silly thinking of possible dangers lurking in the corner or sometime in the future; we constantly think that something bad has happened to your loved ones and more. These are proven signs of anxiety. In fact, anxiety, stress and depression are the popular trio who are best friends amongst themselves, which affect most people’s lives. While the good news is that none of us are alone in this traumatic state – there are millions who are victims of anxiety attacks the bad news is that it seems to be so overwhelming that we quickly feel hopeless under its influence

Worst still, anxiety can affect your weight loss program negatively. You are eating right and following the exercise programs diligently – but you do not seem to be anywhere near your desired weight loss goals. This is because anxiety and weight loss are very closely related. But is there a way out of this and can you still achieve your weight loss goals while under the negative influence of anxiety and stress?  The answer is that there are ways you can overcome anxiety and pursue your weight loss goals.

It is known that when we feel stressed, anxious or out of sorts, we tend to seek comfort in food, and that also, foods which are not healthy for us. This includes junk foods, sweetened foods and others. Did you know that stress and anxiety are caused by a restless mind? So to put your mind at east – try meditation exercises including yoga. Research on this subject indicates that women, who practice yoga even on a weekly basis, can lose about a pound of body weight every week! If you do not have even have that kind of time to devote to your meditation schedule, here is anther quick trick to avoid those food urges. Before you start on your binge, stop for a while and take a few deep breaths. Even during the eating, stop in between and think to yourself, whether you are really hungry or simply digging into the food, because you are thinking of something else? Though this sounds simple, it can do wonders preventing you from eating the foods which are coming in the way of your weight loss goals.

Suffering from anxiety is not uncommon – but if you know how to fight it consciously by training your mind – you can win the war against it and not allow such things to affect your weight loss goals.